Computer Hardware Requirements for Contract Management Software




This article describes the necessary computer/hardware requirements for our software to run in a Windows environment.




1.  Figure per client using our software it will use 100MB of server memory (RAM).

2.  Our software works with 32 or 64 bit operating systems so that decision can be made by your tech person.  Get something with at least Windows Server 2003.

3.  Our programs and default data will use about 150 MB of hard drive space then depending on your company size and amount of information you plan putting into the software, plan for database growth.

4.  An open USB port for our license key.

Also, with all the variables of network speed, we have no idea how many other programs installed on the server or access by the clients at one time, if there CAD applications that are resource hogs, we are making the best suggestions for just our software requirement portion.  Outside of our software, it is worth putting money into the disk speed (RAID).  That can dramatic improve performance for all software on the server.



CLIENT/STANDALONE COMPUTER REQUIREMENTS (actually more like suggestions because this is more than you need)


1.  512 MB of memory (RAM).

2.  At least Windows XP operating system (works on 32 or 64 bit).

3.  Minimum Pentium 4 or AMD, 1 GHz processor.

4.  Initially 20MB of hard drive space for clients or 150 MB of disk space for standalones then just depends on how estimates/jobs users put in the system.  For standalone we recommend a 20GB or larger hard drive.

5.  Recommend getting Microsoft Office software (at least Word and Excel) if you want to generate merge documents from our software (estimate cover sheets, bid proposals, barlist, invoices, etc).

6.  An open USB port for our license key (standalone workstations).




1.  Internet access is required to give you access to our online help, download program updates, and remote support sessions.

2.  The Pervasive PSQL engine is required to run our software.  Please see our website or contact Soule Software with assistance in determining the version of Pervasive and number of licenses required for software use.