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–  This application calculates and generates invoices for all contract work entered in Production. The program allows users to run billing cycles as often as desired, and all orders selected to bill are billed according to the particular bid item material/rate structure setup for the contract.  Awarded change orders, either billed separately or accumulated into the base bid, can be tracked and billed as well with this module.  Complex calculations and functions are performed including material escalation, freight penalties, and retention & tax calculations.  The invoices are produced via Microsoft Word in the desired format for the particular contract.

This module comes with an optional Cash Receipts function that allows the user to enter all of the customer payments to jobs.  On one screen, the program displays all of the unpaid invoices for a customer and their job number, giving the user a simple way to apply checks that were not specifically designated by invoice#.  Comments with a Date to Follow-up can be entered on each invoice or Customer Aged A/R for users to make notes on the collections process.

Finally, the contract billing module includes a number of accounting reports such as: Invoice Register, Aged A/R, Estimated vs. Actual Costs, Customer Statements, and more.

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