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modules we offer: inventory and purchase orders
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Our new Inventory & Purchasing module can help you track and manage your inventory from the generation of purchase orders through the relief of inventory and reporting on its usage.

You can maintain your mill pricing and track price changes by date (even future ones). The customized purchase orders you generate can link to the price in effect at the time of shipment.

Now, that you’ve ordered the steel, receiving it should be simple, right? Many systems force you to wait until you actually receive the shipment before you can enter it into the system. This can cause costly delays while you wait for someone to generate inventory tags as the truck waits to be unloaded. Our system allows you to electronically download the Bill of Lading (including the list of each bundle on the incoming truck) AND mill heat information BEFORE you receive the steel—in most cases as soon as the truck leaves the steel mill. This means you can have tags and a checklist waiting when the truck arrives.

Tracking your inventory usage can be as easy as scanning a barcode on the inventory tag and on the production tag as the operator produces them. This will not only mark each stock bundle as consumed, but also make the appropriate mill heat assignment to the releases being produced.

The Inventory module also gives you the information you need to better gauge your fab shop’s productivity. You can begin to see production rates per machine, rates per operator, crane delays, and even production rates per bend type. You can then make informed decisions on equipment purchases and operator training.

We designed this module to be able to relate multiple vendor invoices to a single receipt. For example, steel mill invoice, freight invoice, and even coating charges. You can mark these as “Approved”, reconciling them to the Purchase Order, before transferring them as an Accounts Payable transactions to your accounting system.
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