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modules we offer: job costing
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The Job Costing module combines all the information stored for each job estimate (revised for approved change orders), the actual shipments made during the accounting period and the general ledger costs to produce an accurate profit/loss by job.  A key feature of this module is that costs and revenues are triggered by the activity that produced the cost/revenue.  This insures that all costs are allocated or assigned directly to the activities that generated them.  Furthermore, since the same triggers are used to calculate the job revenue and cost, the resulting P&L is matched to the same time period, resulting in a more accurate report.

At the end of each month, updates to calculated costs-to-complete by job can be made so that projections of each job’s P&L reflect the latest information available.

End of month reports include Job P&L (for the month, year and job-to-date), Job Closeout Projections and G/L revenue dollars to post.

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