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modules we offer: production optimization
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This module calculates the most efficient and cost effective method to fabricate a selected series of orders.  The user can easily select orders to fabricate from the database of orders entered in Production.  Fabrication schedules can be quickly and easily created by selecting steel from orders wanted in any given time period, and from one or more jobs.  Schedules are easily modified as well, giving the user the ability to cut & paste rebar items within schedules or drop rebar from a schedule as desired.

One of the primary distinguishing features of the Production Optimization from all other optimization programs is its unique ability to find the lowest COST method to fabricate a schedule.  While most other programs simply attempt to minimize scrap during fabrication, they do not take into account the time to fabricate the schedule.  This module allows the user to enter their actual labor cost to fabricate as well as their material cost.  These two factors are then used to calculate the lowest total cost method of fabrication.  In this manner, the user can prioritize scrap and/or labor time as they see fit.  Optimization comparisons with other systems have shown that scrap results in the Soule/KRB program are comparable or better, while the number of loads (steel drops on the shear) are reduced by almost 1/3, thereby saving significant time & money!

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