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The Production module is an integral component of the Soule system.  It populates the data files which are used by many of the later modules (Optimization, Contract Billing, Job Costing, etc.)

This module includes the following features:

• Imports detailed orders (in the Soule, RebarCAD, and other formats)

• Manual entry of orders (bar lists)

• Scheduling of orders by date wanted, date to fab, and fab shop

• Printing of bar tags & manifests, and the generation of production files (the user can customize the tags & manifests exactly how they want them)

• Assigning orders to truck loads with the ability to track trailer #’s, driver, date to ship

• Printing of Bill of Lading for truck loads

• Tracking of fabbed, loaded, shipped, placed, and poured dates for each order

• Pricing of retail (non-contract) orders and the printing of invoices for these orders (again, completely customized by the user)

• Reporting of: Orders in job, order details, shipments by job/date, detailed weights by job/date, backlog of orders not yet shipped, inventory shipped, cut lengths.  Each report has a numerous options including measurement system, detail level, and sort options.

When used in conjunction with Estimating, Production displays all of the parts included in the estimate and will flag the user when they attempt to ship products that were not included in the estimate.  Production also checks that the fab shop can handle the material types in orders that are assigned to them.

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